Nature Video

So finally this is the final Nature video project that i’ve done. I edit the color using color correction in after effects. Basically i want to put more effects in my video, but i have a problem with my macbook so i don’t really have enough time to put more. I also want to put more sound effects inside this video but it’s really hard to use iMovie to edit it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 05.08.26


I use adobe Illustrator to make this CV, it took me around 2 hours to make this. But I want to make my cv looks more professional, so i quite happy with this one.

Blocking Diagram

So we had our Drama anatomy workshop and learnt how to make a simple blocking diagram before shooting our scene. It’s way simpler than storyboarding, because we don’t have to draw every single things and if we want to basically change the shoot, it’s not that hard to change the blocking diagram.

After Effects Workshop

We had our After Effect workshop every tuesday am-pm. The objective in this workshop is basically to learn how to remove the green screen and motion tracking with Mocha. This is one of the example of it from the workshop. Before it was green screen background and the guy just have a tiny little dot in his arms. So we removed the green screen and added a tracking lighting in his hand. I found this workshop was quite interesting, but I need to put more concentration because it’s a bit complex.

Developing Craft skills

In this module, we need to produce mini projects in 6 week and also define our goals for the mini-studies.

My First Goal was to make a kinetic typography using after effects, but when I start playing around taking nature pictures in Bristol with my Camera, now I am more interested in making a Nature Video. I will take a walk around Bristol, videoing and try this new things for my mini project.

So, my goal is :

– To create a nature video and use after effects FX such as color correction, lens flare.  (produce a nature video with a good cinematography and editing, i’ll use Lens Flare effect to show more expressions on it)

– Create an animation commercial using vector image. (My second mini project :  I’ll make some animation with After Effect or Flash promoting about Luwak Coffee Shop/Civet Coffee from Indonesia. I found this idea is interesting because Luwak Coffe is a traditional yet popular and unique coffee)

Nature videos are not heavily “storyboarded”, but they do need a structure to keep viewers interested. It’s quite more challenging for me rather than making a short film, because in short film we can keep the viewers interested just from the story, but nature videos are about making people interested from the angle/shot/editing and of course the mood.

Before taking the shot, I’m planning to walk around Bristol and especially around Ashton Court. I think it’s a good start point to research about the good places for the video. Using a tripod is always preferable for any video production, so I definitely going to use it rather than getting my video a bit shaky.

It’s also best to have multiple shots, giving different perspectives to what’s being viewed (different angles, different magnifications,etc), but I did some research that there are times when a really lengthy shot make something more natural to watch. I’ve seen the example of it in children’s television, and some of the cheaper, older, made in film/television shows (they often seem to be done in a very simple style).